Micromouse Kit

The MMKit (Micromouse Kit) is a physical platform based on an embedded system transformed into a robot. It aims to be an educational robotics kit intended for the learning and development of robots whose main purpose is to solve a maze. MMkit is a complete and high-performance robotic platform.



The MMKit is programmed through the use of C language with the ARDUINO programming environment IDE. It has the model microcontroller ATmega32u4 with the “bootloader” or the Arduino Leonardo, so the robot is programmed as if it were an Arduino.

Micromouse Kit

Micromouse Kit Legend

  1. Left IR Sensor
  2. Forward Left IR Sensor
  3. AA Batteries Support (4 – AA)
  4. ON/OFF AA Batteries
  5. Left Stepper Motor
  6. Configurable Switches for Control Software
  7. Connector for Right Motor
  8. Right IR Sensor
  9. Forward Right IR Sensor
  10. Connector Bluetooth (module not included)
  11. LED pin 13 / Buzzer (Buzzer not included)
  12. LED ON/OFF
  13. Jumper for Selection AA Batteries/LiPo Battery
  14. Right Stepper Motor
  15. ON/OFF LiPo Battery (Battery not included)
  16. Connector for Left Motor

Programming Environment

The Arduino IDE as the programming and development environment.

To program the ARDUINO microcontroller is convenient to use the ARDUINO “Integrated Development Environment” (IDE), which allows to write programs in C language.


Dimensions (length, width, height):103 x 92 x 33mm
Microcontroller:ATmega32u4 (integrated USB communication port)
Motor:NEMA 8 motor (hybrid stepper bipolar motor with 1.8º step angle and 200 steps per resolution. Each phase consumes 600 mA at 3.9 V)
Motor driver:DRV8834 (with 2 “H bridges” that allow the control of a bipolar stepper motor)
Infrared emitter led:SFH4511 (very narrow radiation angle – 4th)
Phototransistor:TEFT4300 (with high radiant sensitivity and daylight filter)


The firmware for Micromouse kit could be found here.