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The Gateway is a device that allows the integration of IoT sensors/controllers networks into existing IT infrastructure or operate autonomously. The Data is sent to internet using Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G cellular radio or NB-IoT. The Gateway synchronizes the IoT devices with a Web Cloud Platform Manager or other software Management Interface Application (API).

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NarrowBand IoT Gateway

Light Management Software

Benefits for you city

Energy Savings

Maintenance Cost Reduction

Remote Management and monitoring of the KEY data of the City

Wireless platform for Smart City

To interconnect the dots

The Gateway provides Full-duplex NB-IoT connectivity, connectivity 6LoWPAN with mesh routing capability and Sub-1Ghz proprietary mesh protocols connectivity. Users can also connected to gateway via Wi-Fi with laptop and get access to the internet as Access point.

Key features

Remote real-time centralized monitoring of key parameters, management and control, the Data aggregation and Analytics.

Plug and play intalllation, simply plugging of new end-devices and scalability of IoT network.

Flexible solution, easily interation of diferents networks topology : Star, Ring, Mesh.

IoT interfaces: Sub-1Ghz , 6LoWPAN, NarrowBand IoT ( NB-IoT ).

Secure communication is provided by standard compliant implementations of the Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) protocol suite and the Internet Key Exchange Protocol version 2 (IKEv2), which enable highly secure end-to-end communication, including over unsecure network nodes.

Open Interfaces for Third-party compatibility ( API ) and customization.

Huawei Lite OS integration allowing plug and play with NB-IoT and Huawei IoT platform.

Wireless Platform for Smart City

Compatibility with web cloud platform manager or other software management interface application API

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