Emergency kit

The Emergency Kit is an electronic unit, which uses “Switching” technology, for integration into emergency luminaires with LED technology. This device will allow an intelligent and uniform flow regural flow throughout the entire discharge of the battery.


Key features

Emergency kit

  • 1 Output channel for LED, configurable in voltage and current up to 1,5W
  • Possibility of using various battery technologies
  • Possibility of supplying the complete kit connected electrically. The system only comes into operation after the mains
  • Autonomy over 5 hours with 2.6Ah lithium battery
  • Test button
  • External light switch
  • Shunt to switch between maintained and not maintained
  • LED indication of battery status (on charge and battery damaged)
  • Delivery of LED strip to 225Lm
  • Battery charge in less than 24 hours
  • Cutting of battery at low voltages to protect battery life
  • Extremely low standby consumption (<100mW)
  • Complete kit weight with lithium battery and led strip <120g


145,70 x 29,68 x 43,70 mm Epoxy paint Metallic gray Galvanized steel sheet


Low stand-by consumption

Brightness of the LEDs constant in the battery discharge

Battery charge and discharge control