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We believe that intelligent ideas generate excellent results, when there is a parallel work between technology, design and innovation. It is on this premises that Globaltronic works on a daily basis, focused on turning your ideas into reality and leveraging your business. For this, we count with a multidisciplinary team, specialized in the development of integrated electronics with hardware, firmware, software and prototyping, able to offer a complete and personalized service, from the process of creation and conception to the final product. Globaltronic listens, adapts and works in close proximity to its customers, empowering them to create solutions rich in personality, detail and innovation.

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Our values are the principles and beliefs that guide our behaviours, decisions, actions and they identify our organizational culture. They guide the philosophy through which we live every day, seeking to meet the satisfaction and expectations of our customers.


Globaltronic is strategically oriented to the development of electronic products/solutions tailored to its customers’ needs. This assumes that the Integrated Management System according to ISO9001 and NP4457 standards is framed with the activities developed and with its vision in the future, being based on the following guidelines:

Development of products with high-quality standards, continuous improvement, always seeking to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers' satisfaction;

- Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements of our stakeholders;

- Promote new business opportunities, adding value and improving the results of our products, through the development of innovative solutions at the organizational, product, process and marketing level;

- Involve stakeholders in the growth of the company, valorize their contributions and stimulate the development of teamwork.

Globaltronic is committed to continuous improvement by providing the information and resources necessary to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of its processes.

The management establishes, on a tri-annual basis, the objectives to be achieved, consistent with the policy, which are followed up in order to be corrected in a timely manner.

It is the responsibility of the administration to ensure that the policy and the established objectives are understood, implemented and maintained by all employees and stakeholders.

Be a reference company in the sectors where it operates; development, design and industrialization of solutions for the electronics industry, industrial instrumentation, communications network, home and building automation.

To contribute to the success of our customers, in an innovative and professional way, by developing custom electronics, through solutions tailored to their needs.


The competence, experience and know-how of our multidisciplinary team allow us to offer a high level of service and maximum quality


Globaltronic operates in the market according to the principles of ethics and social responsibility with maximum transparency and respect


The continuous monitoring of technological developments allows us to be competitive and innovative in the solutions presented


The solutions are developed based on the rigour, detail and precision ensuring the best quality of the solution proposed

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From the idea to the final product, Globaltronic offers tailored services in the development of custom electronics, aimed specifically at the design of hardware, firmware and software, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

We have an experienced team, who follows all stages of evolution of your idea, respecting your specific requirements and needs, and ensuring the success of the final product.

The Globaltronic team can take your design from concept through prototypes and production. We can also work on specific tasks to support your needs.

Globaltronic also performs prototyping services for customers' developed designs, ensuring the purchasing of the components and their assembling according to the customers' supplied work package.

All development services are supported by a prototyping phase of the product to ensure that all customers' requirements are being met and ensuring improvements to the production process.

Globaltronic provides its customers with small-scale productions. This service can be used for final production validation or for product validation with customers' Beta clients, before mass production. Consequently, corrective/preventive measures can be implemented in the process of manufacturing the electronic solution.

This service guarantees the customers' small-scale productions up to 100 units at a time or larger if spaced in time.

Globaltronic supports the development of JIG’s for the final testing of the boards, at the end of the production lines, ensuring the customer that all units produced are tested and verified before being packed.

The JIG's are developed essentially for the industry with the need to mass productions, since the repeatability, the productivity and the efficiency of an automated equipment are greater to a worker, guaranteeing the optimization in the work processes, time saving and accuracy in performing the desired functions.

All Globaltronic developments are prepared to meet the certification process and all design and technical details are considered to ensure the product future certification.

Globaltronic works in close relation with the certification authorities, that advice and supports the product development.

Start of the Activity

Globaltronic emerges as a custom-made electronic development company focused specifically on the development of integrated hardware, firmware and software solutions.








Lighting Living Lab foundation

Globaltronic was one of the members who was involved in the founding and creation of the association "Lighting Living Lab", with the objective of promoting innovation and research development in new technologies and applications in the field of lighting, focusing on the concepts of intelligent lighting and sustainable eco-lighting.



SGS Certification

Globaltronic management assumes quality as a key factor for the success of the company's strategy. As result in 2011, Globaltronic achieved the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 and NP 4457:2007 Certification.


Intelligent Lighting – Águeda

Globaltronic is known in the area of lighting control through the development of electronic drivers and communication protocols on a pilot installation, in the city of Águeda, which aimed to control and manage the city's public lighting (LED).


ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Certification

Globaltronic is certified by ISO / IEC 27001: 2005, which ensures the quality of the information security management system, guaranteeing maximum safety requirements.

Lighting Drivers

Globaltronic launches the following drivers for lighting control: HPSV V1, Solar Led Driver and Led Driver.


Interactive Board

Globaltronic launches in the market the interactive whiteboard, product of own development.

Project e-xample

Globaltronic, in partnership with 26 national companies, launches an innovative project that transports new communication technologies into the classroom, with the goal of evolving teaching, preparing students for the demands of future generations.



Globaltronic integrates the creative lighting project in partnership with the Lighting Living Lab and the FAHR architecture cabinet with the aim of creating an integrated light structure for the Super Bock Super Rock festival


Globaltronic integrates the creative lighting project in partnership with Lighting Living Lab and the FAHR architecture office that receives the "Porto Light Experience" award Happy Led Life Design, within the framework of Gwangju International Design Biennale 2015, with the installation of "METAMORFOSE"


Globaltronic in partnership with T&T receives the "Cidades analíticas 2015" award, with the SINGELU lighting control platform


Certification ITMark

Globaltronic obtains ITMark certification, which evaluates the organization process in three distinct areas: Business, Security and Development.


New Installations

Beginning of the construction of future facilities of Globaltronic.

Águeda educação +

Globaltronic, in consortium with several companies, has launched the Águeda Educação + project, which consists of the existence of classrooms with integrated technological ecosystems of hardware, software and digital platforms.



Globaltronic presents in CEBIT two new devices for NB-IoT applications that will allow rapid development under this new promising technology



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16 Apr, 2019 0

Globaltronic participated as a partner in the “NOS HACKATHON 2019” event, a marathon of technology focused on IoT.


9 Jan, 2019 0

The iMAPARK parking solution, developed by Portuguese technology company Sernis in partnership with Altice Labs, Globaltronic and Present Technologies, was awarded the IoT Breakthrough Awards in the 2019 edition – international awards that distinguish the best companies and solutions in the Internet of Things. In the middle of 3,500 applications […]

Solidary Christmas

21 Dec, 2018 0

Christmas is no longer about opening our presents. At Globaltronic, it’s about open our hearts to those in need. To the children that will receive this presents we wish than a Merry Christmas!

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Quinta dos Remédios

Installation of solar control system and intelligent management of public light, from the control drivers (solar led driver) and communication (gateway) to the management platform (singelu).


Super Bock Super Rock

Light structure installation for the Super Bock Super Rock festival, developed in partnership with the Lighting Living Lab and the cabinet of architecture FAHR.



Installation of temporary light in the city of the Porto in partnership with the Lighting Living Lab and the cabinet of architecture FAHR.


Intelligent lighting

Installation of intelligent control system and management of public light in the city of Águeda, from the control and communication drivers to the management platform.


Interactive board

Development of an interactive whiteboard in partnership with Bi-Bright.


Automation and control

Development of solar tracking system that allows to significantly increase energy production through photovoltaic panels in partnership with WS Energia.

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